Welcome to Global Soil Security

Welcome to Global Soil Security

Welcome to Global Soil SecurityWelcome to Global Soil SecurityWelcome to Global Soil Security



Soil scientists have long been telling us, 

'of the importance of soil to provide for our growing demand for food, water and energy, while at the same time meeting our exceptions that soil will provide ecosystem services that affect climate change, human health and maintain biodiversity'. 

Yet an overarching concept that brings together these biophysical and socio-economic perspectives of soil is still lacking and this has led to the launch of the Soil Security concept


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From the Global Soil Partnership 

Status of the World's Soil Resources


4th Global Soil Security Conference

The next soil security conference will be in Korea.

Go to this website to find out when and where you can present you latest research on securing soil

Soil Security - a quick visual overview

This short video is a snapshot of what the soil security concept is all about - Enjoy

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Assessing the soil's capability

A paper has just been published that illustrates how the change in the soil's condition can be assessed inline with its capability and overall capacity.