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Soil Security and Planetary Health Conference

3rd Global Soil Security Conference

Call for papers now open.

The University of Sydney


4-6 December 2018

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A partnership between the Sydney Institute of Agriculture and the Planetary Health Platform.

Soil security refers to the maintenance and improvement of the world’s soil resource to produce food, fibre and fresh water, while also contributing to energy and climate stability, maintaining biodiversity and protecting natural systems and human wellbeing more generally.

Planetary health is about safeguarding the health and wellbeing of current and future generations through good stewardship of Earth’s natural systems, and by re-thinking the way we feed, move, house, power and care for the world.

Soil security is an essential foundation for planetary health because the vast majority of terrestrial biodiversity is found within soil or is reliant on soils and 97% of the world’s food comes from agricultural soils.

Call for papers

The Soil Security and Planetary Health Conference Organising Committee are seeking papers on the five core dimensions of soil security:

  • Capability
  • Condition
  • Capital
  • Connectivity
  • Codification

as well as the wider issues of:

  • Soil security in the city
  • Connecting consumers to soil managers
  • Soil, provenance and human health
  • Soil, biodiversity and human health
  • Rethinking soil value
  • Soil and health in a circular economy
  • Public and private sector soil governance
  • Soil condition and soil health

Please use the Abstract Submission Proforma available here and forward your submission to sia.information@sydney.edu.au by Tuesday 31 July 2018. 


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Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network

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Soil Security - a quick visual overview

This short video is a snapshot of what the soil security concept is all about - Enjoy



Soil scientists have long been telling us, 

'of the importance of soil to provide for our growing demand for food, water and energy, while at the same time meeting our exceptions that soil will provide ecosystem services that affect climate change, human health and maintain biodiversity'. 

Yet an overarching concept that brings together these biophysical and socio-economic perspectives of soil is still lacking and this has led to the launch of the Soil Security concept

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Soil Security Dimensions

Explore the 5 dimensions that are used to secure your soil

Global Soil Security


is concerned with maintaining and improving the world’s soil resource to produce food, fibre and freshwater, maintain the biodiversity and ecosystem services and contribute to human health’

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Mapping Soil Security for Tasmania

The soil security has been mapped for Tasmania and published in Geoderma.

Mapping the transition in soil condition

A new approach has been developed to measure changes in soil condition. This is illustrated in the paper published in Geoderma of soil change from pre-European to contemporary soil in the Hunter Valley, Australia 

World Soil Day

As promised on FAO Global Events for World Soil Day here is our SOILINAR to celebrate World Soil Day 

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