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Global Soil Week: Putting Soil on the Global Agenda 2012 - Nature

Soil Security: Solving the Global Soil Crisis 2013 - Global Policy

The Dimensions of Soil Security 2014- Geoderma

Do current European polices prevent soil threats and support soil functions 2014 - Sustainability

The joy of teaching soil science 2014 - Geoderma

A soil change-based methodology for quantification and valuation of ecosystems 2014 - Ecological Economics

Monitoring soil degradation or a triage for soil security 2015 - Sustainability

Reaching outside of the box in support for soil security 2015 - Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Soil natural capital quantification by the stock adequacy method 2015 - Geoderma

Securing our Soil 2015 - Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Digital soil assessment of agricultural suitability, versatility and capital in Tasmania, Australia 2015 - Geoderma Regional

Can citizen science help digital soil mapping 2015 - Geoderma

A methodological framework to assess the multiple contributions of soils to ecosystem services delivery at regional scales 2016 - Geoderma 

Linking soils to ecosystem services: A global review 2016 - Geoderma

Soil stewardship as a nexus between Ecosystem Services and One Health 2016 - Ecosystem Services

An ecosystem approach to quantify to soil performance or multiple outcomes: The future of land evaluation 2016 - SSSA 

Integrating soil science into primary school curricula: Students promote soil science education with Dig It! The Secrets of Soil 2016 - SSSA

Framing a modern context for soil science learning and teaching 2017 - Geoderma

The Effect of Soil and Human Health - An Overview 2017 - EJSS

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