The capability of a soil refers to its potential functionality and addresses the question of what can a soil 

is expected to do, what service does it maintain, or what can it produce? Currently, this dimension calls for a reference state to be identified for any given soil and acknowledges that soil varies in its physical, social, economic and geographic properties. This dimension needs to be linked to the functions that soil 

performs and contribute to other land classification frameworks such as Land Suitability. This could be 

achieved by establishing a local reference state defined by a particular soil or exemplar that needs to be included in some level in soil classification. Due to long periods of land use in parts of the world a reference state defined by soil in its natural condition may not be appropriate. 


Do we need a reference state?

Relationship between capability and resilience?

How do you measure capability?

What are the indicators of the multi-functionality?

If so what is a reference and how is it defined it and measure it?

What are the soil functions that are relevant to the reference state?

 What are the soil properties that define the reference state?